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My Availability 

Balancing my family, multiple businesses, and a dedicated nursing career necessitates advanced planning, thus same-day bookings are not likely feasible. Please note that availability discussions will commence only upon completion of screening. Kindly refrain from contacting me regarding availability until you have filled out my contact form and undergone screening. My outcall services are limited to hotels only; I do not travel to residences.

Screening Policy

All individuals must undergo screening without exception. Ensuring both my safety and discretion, as well as yours, is non-negotiable. If you're unwilling to furnish the required information and complete my contact form, our compatibility is regrettably compromised.

For individuals under 30 years of age, a 50% deposit is mandatory to secure a slot on my calendar.

P411 members are encouraged to reach out through the platform. If you have received two recommendations within the past year from reputable providers, filling out my contact form is optional.

For non-P411 members lacking two recent references from reputable providers within the last year, an unedited picture of your unobscured face alongside your driver's license is necessary. The license must be clearly legible, without any alterations, markings, or blurs.

As an independent female escort, all communication directly involves me; I am not affiliated with any service or agency. Your information is treated with utmost confidentiality and encrypted within my contact form for ultimate privacy and security.

Cancellation Policy

I acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and I respect your time as much as you do mine. I've dedicated and rearranged my schedule, carving out time from my current career specifically for our rendezvous. Therefore, it's imperative that you confirm your appointment by text message 3-4 hours prior to our meeting at 615-708-8044 (email confirmation is not acceptable). Failure to confirm may result in a cancellation being enforced.

In essence, I lead a busy life managing multiple companies. If confirmation is not received within the stipulated timeframe, I will proceed with my day and business as usual, just as you would. A late confirmation may incur a cancellation fee or result in a postponed beginning while maintaining the initially scheduled conclusion. If I attempt to reach you for confirmation, you will have a 15-minute window to respond. My phone is readily accessible, ensuring minimal delays or excuses unless there are extenuating circumstances on your end. Please plan accordingly.

Regarding cancellations, regardless of the notice period, a 50% deposit via CashApp will be required for rescheduling. This is my way of extending flexibility without mandating a deposit upfront, as many providers have abused this privilege.


Please note that cancellations made within 72 hours of our scheduled appointment time will necessitate payment in full on the day of cancellation, along with a 50% deposit for future rescheduling.

During my tours, any cancellations made up to 7 days prior to my arrival or during my visit will require payment in full on the day of cancellation via CashApp, along with a 50% deposit for rescheduling.

Failure to adhere to our appointment or a no-show will result in payment being required in full for the missed time, along with a 100% deposit for all future appointments, unless you are blacklisted.


The monetary transactions solely cover time spent together and companionship. Any other activities that may take place are purely based on the personal preferences of consenting adults of legal age and are not subject to any contractual agreement. By initiating contact through phone, text, email, or any other means, you confirm that you are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency.

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