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My Availability 

I have a family, several businesses, professional nursing career and I'm a student. I do require that you plan ahead as I'm unavailable for same-day booking.​ 

I highly appreciate and respect those that contact me at least 7 days prior for screening and scheduling.

No discussion of availability will be addressed until screening is complete! Do not contact me asking if I’m available unless you have filled out my contact form and have been fully screened. 

Screening Policy

Everyone must be screened with no questions asked. My safety and discretion are an absolute must for you, as well as for me. If you're not willing to provide the information I ask for and fully complete my contact form, then I'm sorry we won’t be compatible. ​

P411 members please contact me through P411. You're not required to fill out my contact form if you have TWO okay's in the past 365 days from a REPUTABLE PROVIDER. 


Not a P411, if you have TWO references within the past 365 days from a REPUTABLE PROVIDER, no picture is required.  


If you cant provide TWO references or your references are more than 365 days old, or not from a REPUTABLE PROVIDER. A recent (unedited) picture of your entire face, fully uncovered, with you holding your drivers license to the side of it will be required. YOU CAN NOT ALTER/MARK OUT/BLUR OR DO ANYTHING ON YOUR LICENSE, IT MUST BE CLEARLY LEGIBLE

I'm an independent female escort. When communicating with me, you'll be dealing directly with me as I'm not part of any service or agency. Your information will remain PRIVATE now and forever. My contact form is encrypted!!!

Cancellation Policy

I understand that things happen, and situations may arise. Please understand that I've set aside time and taken time off from my current career specifically for you and prepared for our time together. That stated, you must confirm your appointment 3-4 hours prior via text (email is not acceptable) or a cancellation can be applied. 


Simply put, I’m a busy lady owning and operating many companies. If you fail to confirm in that time, I’ll move about my day and my business as you would also. A late confirmation can equal a cancellation policy or a late arrival with the same start time and duration that you booked. I may or may not make an attempt if you fail to confirm. If I do attempt, you'll have 15 minutes to respond. I have a real phone so there are no delays or excuses unless it's on your end. Plan accordingly!!


ANY CANCELLATION, no matter if its decades in advance, you will be required a 50% deposit to reschedule, via CashApp. This is my way of giving people a chance without requiring a deposit, as many have gone too. Please note, 4 hours or more will require a 50% deposit as I have to completely alter my entire day for our time together.


WITHIN 72 hours cancellation from our scheduled appointment time, then you will be required to pay for that time in full on the day you cancel, plus a 50% deposit next time for rescheduling, via CashApp.


WHILE ON TOUR, any cancellations up to 10 days prior to my arrival or during my visit will be required to pay for that time in full on the day you cancel, via CashApp. Additionally, a 50% deposit will be required to reschedule the next appointment. 


No Call/No Show will be required to pay for that time missed in full and 100% deposit will be required for every future meeting after, if not blacklisted. 




All money exchanged is for time and companionship only. Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for in any manner. By contacting me either through phone, text, email or any other method you agree that you are not part of any law enforcement agency.

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