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  • How soon can I expect a response to my appointment inquiry? Please allow 24-72 hours for a response, given the demands of my professional career.

  • Why haven't I received a reply? Typically, lack of response stems from incomplete form submissions, inadequate introductions, breaches of etiquette, insufficient references, or blurred/altered photos. Non-compliance with my policies may result in non-responsiveness and being red-flagged.

  • Do you accommodate first-timers? Absolutely! I recommend scheduling an extended date to ensure ample time for relaxation and to create a truly memorable experience. First-timers are welcome but must initiate the screening process by submitting a request.

  • Do you offer social rates? All donations are for my time, regardless of the activity.

  • Are your photos authentic? Certainly! I believe in genuine representation and do not engage in false promotion.

  • If I'm looking for advice, as you are a professional photographer, certified personal fitness trainer, and life coach, how should I proceed? Join my OnlyFans, as that's where I have more open conversations. For one-on-one in-person training, coaching, or photography, the same rates would apply. All donations are for my time, regardless of the activity.

  • Do you have preferences regarding the individuals you meet? Respect and generosity are paramount. I am bisexual and open to meeting individuals and couples of any age, race, or orientation. Treat me with kindness, and I will reciprocate.

  • Do you travel? I adore travel engagements! Given sufficient notice, I can fly to meet you anywhere, accompany you on business trips, or join you for a vacation. I hold a US Passport and am available for international travel.

  • Do you engage in DUOs? Yes and no. I am discerning and prioritize privacy. Any DUO participation would require complete trust in the other provider involved. While I have engaged in DUOs previously without issue, I do not have a specific DUO partner at present.

  • Do you consider references from individuals who have an assistant? I do, although I approach them cautiously as I don't receive direct feedback from the actual provider. I advise everyone to avoid individuals with assistants as your information, discussions, life and activities are no longer kept private.

  • What is a reputable provider? Providers with any agency affiliations and those who rely solely on ads only are deemed unreliable and not reputable. It is essential for a reputable provider to exhibit sophistication by maintaining an updated personal website of their own, actively engaging on social media platforms, and advertising on respected channels. However, they can possess a P411 handle with a minimum of six recent endorsements within the last year, a profile on The Erotic Review (TER) with recent reviews, and a profile on Private Delights with recent feedback. If these criteria are not met, alternative verification methods will be required. 

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Blue Lily Watercolor
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