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Greetings! Step into my world! I'm Tanya Delight, renowned as Nashville’s premier companion and among the elite female companions in the United States. I am honored to embody the essence of Tennessee's finest and stand as the singular career-driven nurse practitioner within this realm. Furthermore, I bring expertise as a professional photographer, certified personal fitness trainer, and life coach to enrich your experience.

I offer an unparalleled experience, a realm where fantasies materialize and confidentiality reigns supreme. When you encounter me, all apprehensions dissolve upon your arrival. My standards are discerning, ensuring that only those I trust will partake in my company. The safety and comfort of our encounters are paramount, mirroring your own priorities.

Blue Lily Watercolor
Blue Lily Watercolor
Blue Lily Watercolor


I epitomize sophistication with a Southern charm, exuding elegance and a zest for adventure. My meticulous attention to appearance is evident through diligent skincare, balanced nutrition, and a rigorous fitness regimen. In my company, monotony is nonexistent, and moments of breathlessness are not uncommon.​

Beyond my passion for animals and nature, I manage several PDN companies spanning multiple states, alongside my roles as a seasoned businesswoman and real estate investor. Armed with a Master of Science in Nursing, my journey lacks any stereotypical motives; rather, it is fueled purely by joy and fulfillment.

Those nearest to me would portray me as wise, nurturing, inspirational, self-assured, approachable, curious, and genuine. Naturally inclined towards positivity, I harbor a belief in the inherent goodness of others. Bringing assistance and motivation to those around me fills me with delight. I cherish life's simple pleasures—witnessing sunrise, commencing a journey, and concluding the day in the embrace of loved ones.

My pursuit is happiness and laughter, which I welcome into my everyday existence with open arms. Engaging in passionate discussions that ignite, inform, or uplift me is a cherished endeavor. Delving into meaningful conversations fills me with excitement when forging connections. I believe depth enriches experiences, rendering them more meaningful and memorable.


Should you seek someone sensual, genuine, and inherently graceful, adorned with both manners and professionalism, your search ends here.

-Tanya Delight-

My Bio

Age: 32     

Height: 5’7”   

Body type: Sporty with alluring contours

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Breasts: 32DD enhanced  

Panties: Medium       

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Grooming: Bald (Laser)

Piercings: Ears and navel

Dress size:4

Shoes: 8.5

Education: Master of Science in Nursing 

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