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Welcome to my site! I'm Tanya Delight, Nashville’s best companion and one of the top female companions in the USA. I take pride in being Tennessee’s best representation and the one and only career-driven nurse around in the hobby. In addition, I'm a professional photographer, certified personal fitness trainer and life coach. 


I provide an experience beyond the expected, a place where dreams come true and discretion is paramount. When meeting me, you can rest assured that any nervousness you have will be put to ease upon your arrival. I’m very selective about whom I will accept a visit with. The safety and comfort of meetings will remain my highest priority, as it should be for you. 

Blue Lily Watercolor
Blue Lily Watercolor
Blue Lily Watercolor


I'm a very sophisticated southern lady, yet elegant, possessing a love for adventure and excitement. I take a lot of pride in my appearance, with proper skin care, nutrition and a very rigorous workout regime. You'll find that while in my presence there is never a dull moment and, at times, you may find yourself breathless. 

Apart from being an animal lover and nature enthusiast, I own and operate multiple PDN companies across many states, I’m a professional business woman, and a real estate investor. College graduate with a Master of Science in Nursing and soon to be a Nurse Practitioner. My background or current life doesn't include any stereotypical reason why I would do this. I enjoy it and it makes me happy!

The people closest to me would describe me as wise, caring, motivational, confident, disarming, inquisitive, and authentic. By nature, I'm a positive person who wants to see and believe in the best of others. Helping and encouraging others brings joy to my life. I appreciate simple things in life, like waking up, seeing the sun, starting my car, and ending the day with the ones I love. 

Happiness and laughter is my drug of choice and I like to invite as much of it into my daily life as possible. I love impassioned conversations that leave me feeling activated, informed, or inspired. Conversations that have depth really excite me when getting to know someone. I feel like it makes the experience far more worthwhile and memorable and is the main key to any connection. 

If you’re looking for somebody sensual, real and truly beautiful with good manners and professionalism, then look no further.

-Tanya Delight-

My Bio

Age: 32     

Height: 5’7”   

Body type: Athletic with dangerous curves

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Breasts: 32DD enhanced  

Panties: Medium       

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Grooming: Bald (Laser)

Piercings: Ears and navel

Dress size:4

Shoes: 8.5

Education: Master of Science in Nursing 

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