Tanya's Moral Laws

  • Please read and understand my entire website before contacting me. 

  • Make sure that you arrive on time. Time begins at the scheduled appointment time not when you show up.

  • Be freshly showered, smell nice, and have fresh breath. Good hygiene is a must.

  • Please wash your hands thoroughly after greeting before we begin. Mandatory.

  • Please place my donation in plain site or in the restroom, before my arrival (outcall) or shortly after arrival (in call).

  • Please be respectful and courteous. Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be rewarded. 

  • I will respect your desire to be discrete, please respect mine. 

  • I do not smoke or do any drugs. Please do not engage in these habits in my presence. 


Tanya's Forbidden Laws

  • Do not ask for a face or any other picture. I will not send you one.

  • Do not take pictures or video of me. You do not have my consent.

  • Do not talk about donations in text, email, or in person.

  • Do not negotiate, haggle, barter, or ask for a discount. This is my business and you would not like it if someone asked you to take a pay cut. 

  • Do not waste my time. If you have no intention on booking an appointment with me then please do not contact me. 

  • Rude or abusive behavior will not be tolerated and result in immediate termination of our date. No refund given and blacklisted from any future meeting. 

  • Do not arrive intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Our Date will be terminated if you arrive under the influence. No refund. My safety is of the upmost importance.